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FCS Concrete and Repair

Tony of FCS Concrete wanted to take their online presence to the next level, so they teamed up with us to give their website a complete makeover. The end result? A sleek, modern site that effectively communicates their message and showcases their impressive portfolio. Oh, and did we mention the boost in user growth? Yeah, that was pretty sweet too.




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The Client

FCS Concrete Repairs is a contracting company that specializes in various concrete solutions like remediation, coatings, polishing, sealing, and strengthening. They can handle all types of projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, public infrastructure, bridges, roads, rail, marine and coastal, and more.


The Challenge

FCS Concrete were facing problems in their way. First off, their website was old and outdated, not really showing off their brand. They also wanted to step up their online game – make their branding more solid and drive more traffic and conversions. Basically, they wanted a whole new online presence.

a new


We created a new brand identity for FCS Concrete that was reflective of their values – hard work, honesty, and attention to detail. Given that their field of work is in construction, we decided to keep things simple and straightforward with a focus on geometric shapes in our visual design. We tailored the design to match the company’s focus on precision and accuracy in their work. The new identity was meant to evoke a sense of stability, trust, and professionalism and to communicate the company’s commitment to their craft.

Brand identity



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brand identity


brand identity




Final Results

We revamped FCS Concrete’s website and brand with a focus on user experience and increased conversions. We crafted compelling copy and used strategic keywords to boost organic traffic and enhance their digital marketing efforts.


Website Access


more leads


Conversion Rate


Working with Ycubed is a breeze, as they collaborate with clients every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome. they’re very professional, knowledgeable and competent. I have no hesitation in recommending Ycubed to any prospective client.

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