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BG Trading

We’re excited to showcase our recent project with BG Trading, an Australian-based company that aims to build a trading community made by traders, for traders. Our team was tasked with creating a brand identity, custom website, and implementing effective advertising and SEO strategies to help BG Trading reach its audience.




Brand Identity, Custom Website, ADS and SEO


The Client

BG Trading is an Australian-based company with a mission to create a trading community made by traders, for traders. They collaborate with professional traders who have a vast amount of market knowledge and experience, to educate others on short and medium-term swing trading using their proven method – the BGS 20 Strategy.


The Challenge

BG Trading first came to us seeking for help with multiple problems. They, at that time, were a small trading company, that was built in Facebook groups; they built a stock traders group, where they used to share knowledge with members. Lecio, the owner, wanted to take things to the next level, and decided to re-brand the company, create a website, so his clients could have more features and a better experience. Furthermore he wanted to start advertising through ADS and SEO.



We created a new brand identity for FCS Concrete that was reflective of their values – hard work, honesty, and attention to detail. Given that their field of work is in construction, we decided to keep things simple and straightforward with a focus on geometric shapes in our visual design. We tailored the design to match the company’s focus on precision and accuracy in their work. The new identity was meant to evoke a sense of stability, trust, and professionalism and to communicate the company’s commitment to their craft.

Brand identity


Montserrat (header)

Aa Bb Cc Fd Ee Ff Gg Hh

Lato (body)

Aa Bb Cc Fd Ee Ff Gg Hh

brand identity


brand identity


Final Results

Our collaboration with owner Lecio and his team have resulted in a great brand identity, with a high-end and premium felling to it; which reflects the services they provide. With that, we’re able to create a beautiful website, with a hight tech felling to it (just the way Lecio wanted). We were able to help them grow and expand the business to new areas (such as online course); and we’ve being cooking exciting new thing to come! As for their digital marketing, we’re having sweet result, both in ADS and SEO. Now we’re helping BG Trading experiment in new territories, such as YouTube, by creating a new channel, or even instagram.
Above you can see some of the results we pulled out since we started working together.






Conversion Rate


I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to the Ycubed team for their work done, on creating a beautiful brand identity and a website that reflects our company and our visions. Further more, we’re very happy with the ongoing support that they’re providing us, with website management, our website have being running smoothly. We’re also happy with the great results we’re achieving, growth wise, thanks to the work they’ve being doing with ADS and SEO.
Ycubed team’s professionalism, attention to detail, and innovative approach have been truly impressive, and we hope to continue working together

Lecio Resmini



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